See True Progress in Your Mental Health with Intensive Outpatient Program in Marysville, WA

Are you looking for an effective way to address your mental health challenges? If yes, we have trained intensive outpatient therapists who consider your needs and goals and provide intensive outpatient therapy (IOP).

IOP provides short- and long-term solutions for those seeking relief from depression, anxiety, trauma, or a range of co-occurring disorders. Our intensive outpatient program in Marysville helps improve your overall mental well-being so that you can start making real progress toward achieving lasting change.

Personal Growth Path

The role of an intensive outpatient therapist

Dealing with trauma and mental health problems can often be hard and overwhelming. Still, it is important to remember that strategies are available to help you manage and cope with these issues.

Talking to a therapist or trusted friend about your experience can be useful, as having an outlet for your thoughts and emotions can make all the difference in working through difficult times. More importantly, finding the right form of treatment is the key.

It may be challenging to ask for help initially, but it could greatly increase happiness and more productive life enjoyment in the long run.

Our intensive outpatient therapist is responsible for helping you navigate through mental health issues with an intensive treatment plan focused on healing and progress. They provide professional guidance, support, and accountability as you learn how to cope with the everyday.

What to Expect From Our Intensive Outpatient Program

Individuals dealing with complex trauma or mental health challenges will benefit from our 12-week intensive therapy program. Individuals often diagnosed with complex trauma are those who have experienced traumatic events, including

  • Parentification
  • Sexual abuse or incest
  • Medical abuse
  • Enmeshment or engulfment trauma
  • Ongoing physical or emotional abuse
  • Genocide campaigns
  • Chronic neglect or abandonment
  • Human trafficking
  • Residing in a war zone

Our Therapy Programs

Our 12-week program will help you get to know yourself deeper, allowing you to understand and regulate your triggers. You’ll work with an experienced psychotherapist specializing in attachment and trauma therapy.

Discovery Group

This is a 90-minute weekly session that helps you navigate through your journey of self-discovery.

Experience Group

This is also a 90-minute weekly session that teaches groups to practice mindfulness, surface new relationship patterns, and create meaningful connections.

Individual Psychotherapy

During this weekly 60-minute session, you will process your learnings and self-reflect in an engaging, non-judgmental, and empowering space.

Your Trusted Marysville-based Trauma Therapist

Laura Bruco, MSW brings her invaluable experience to patients in the Marysville area with her evening intensive outpatient program. She understands that every individual has a story and provides them with an accessible space for personal growth as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate – Independent Clinical in Washington State.

As someone who has gone through her fair share of difficulties, Laura understands the importance of individual support and intervention. For this reason, she strives to create a safe and welcoming space where clients can explore their past and present and work towards a brighter future without fear of judgment.

Rather than an extended retreat or hospital stay, our 12-week program bolsters meaningful progress through compassionate exploration without the need for you to relocate. The program allows you greater freedom and independence.

Schedule a Consultation

Mental health issues such as trauma can have severely debilitating effects if left untreated.  It is important to reach out for help whenever needed, whether talking to a mental health professional or leaning on friends and family for support.

Laura Bruco, MSW is here to provide the guidance you need to live a more fulfilling life. Book a consultation with her in Marysville today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Our package costs $4,500 and includes the discovery and experience groups and individual psychotherapy. You can pay these in three monthly installments. We require a $150 deposit to secure your booking.

When are group sessions held?

Group programs are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM via Zoom. Individual sessions must be booked separately.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes! Laura wants to ensure that you’re a good fit before you commit. Book a free 20-minute consultation with her by clicking here or calling 206-705-3101.