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Laura Bruco

Seattle Trauma Therapist

You are an adult at a crossroads in your life and are looking for more intensive therapy than is available seeing a therapist once a week or less. You may have explored your options and found that psychiatric hospitals are focused on de-escalating crisis situations and stabilizing on medication – they are rarely peaceful. Retreats usually offer non-clinical respite, but often little individual support or therapy in processing what comes up for you. Both require you to leave home for an extended time and tend to be very expensive.

Laura Bruco, MSW is a Seattle-based trauma therapist specializing in all the outcomes of trauma. She provides a supportive environment where you can be brave, explore your feelings, learn new coping skills, and begin your journey towards liberation.

A new approach to getting help:

Welcome to the Program

This 12-week intensive therapy program in Seattle is designed specifically for folks with complex trauma and aims to transform the way you think about and experience yourself, your past, your future, your relationships, and your larger community.

The goal is that you will leave the program with new skills, a deeper understanding of yourself, new relationship patterns, and the confidence to use all of this to continuously nourish yourself.

The program consists of three components which you will travel through together with a small group of individuals for the entire program. They are:

Weekly Discovery Group

In this 90-minute weekly group, you will be guided to create an owner's manual for yourself, practice self-discovery, learn to use skills you didn't know you already have.

Weekly Experience Group

This 90-minute weekly session will put what you've learned in the Discovery Group into action, learn more about your attachment style, and discover new relationship patterns.

Individual Psychotherapy

In this weekly 60-minute individual therapy session, you will have the opportunity to process what has come up for you during the week and receive support in the context of your personal objectives.

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