Diverse adults in community via therapy

Therapy for Therapists Group

Therapy for Therapists is an open ongoing online therapy group for psychotherapists and counselors of all credentials / varieties who are seeking a community for exploring boundaries, congruence between professional and personal life, and much more. The group will be relational, liberation-oriented, and grounded in self psychology where a healthy sense of self arises in community via accurate mirroring, twinship of being around folks you can relate to, and idealization where you have people you can look to for guidance ie “what would so and so do or say.” It will be a creative and authentic space free from “therapist speak.”  

We will honor each member’s complexity and support our unique processes by supporting each as we create and play with our identities and experiences. We will value INconsistency, NON-certainty, DISconnection, NON-compliance, Sustainability, Reciprocity, and Possibilities as much as if not more than their opposites. We will celebrate nourishment in the face of our challenges, and inspire each other to keep going because existence is activism.  This is where you’ll find the center of you.  

The number of group members may fluctuate because each of you will find the right rhythm for yourself for when you come and when you don’t. (If you’re late, that’s cool too!) I’ll do my best to balance the attendance at 4-8 members per session so each member gets their individualized needs met in addition to weaving in with the group. Generally what happens is that we have a core group of people who come most of the time, and another group of people who work it into their lives in other ways. 

Group will be held on Monday mornings from 10:30am to noon PT beginning October 16, 2023 via Telehealth on Zoom (HIPAA-compliant). Sessions are a competitive $75, however you have the option to pay less to a minimum of $50 depending on your capacity. While I don’t direct bill any insurance, I can provide you with a monthly superbill/receipt you can use for claiming out of network benefits. If finances are a primary obstacle for you, please talk to me about sliding scale as a form of radical self-care. 

To register, book a free 20 minute consultation on my Booking page!