Online Group Therapy for the Holidays


A 6-Week Psychotherapy Group for Transforming Your Holiday Season

Are the holidays a difficult time for you? Do you find yourself feeling lonely or overwhelmed due to difficult family dynamics or other challenging circumstances? You’re not alone. Introducing HoliDaze, an online therapy group designed specifically for adults who struggle during the holiday season. Whether it’s the weight of estrangement or the ache of loneliness, Holidaze is here to provide you with a supportive community and the nourishment you need to navigate this challenging time. 

This is a space oriented toward liberation and possibilities therefore all nations, races, genders, abilities and other oppressed identities are not only welcome but encouraged to reach out. I am an experienced therapist specializing in complex trauma. My approach is primarily relational and attachment oriented incorporating the Liberation Health Framework, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and elements of other modalities including DBT and CBT.   

Join us on Zoom Saturday mornings at 10am PST starting November 18th through December 30. Sessions will be 90 minutes at $75 per session (sliding scale available with a limit of $50 per session). We will embark on a transformative six-week journey that will empower you to reclaim the holidays and cultivate a sense of possibility, even during the most challenging times. Remember, you deserve a season of healing and growth. This is where you’ll find the center of you. 

Reach out on my Booking page for a free 20-minute consultation as the first step toward registering.